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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, we spoke with the Managing Director at Pyramid Temi Group’s local partner company in Kenya to understand more about the current situation and which issues will become the most critical over the coming months.

Q: How is the population reacting to the spread of the virus?

A: In general the majority of the population are abiding to all control measures. However, in the poorer and more overpopulated slums, they tend to try and fight the curfews in particular.


Q: Which system has been adopted by the provincial government?
I would say that it is similar to the system adopted in the UK.

Q: Would you agree that no one/single suits all and thus individual governments must devise their own specific strategies? Which factors define your country?

A: The Government acted early from lessons learned in the USA and Europe. So the spread has been slow and managed well.


Q: How are people reacting to your government’s choice?

A: On the whole people are welcoming the actions that have been taken.




Q: Are people following government instructions?

A: On the whole yes they are.


Q: Please describe how the private sector is being affected by the present status.

A: The private sector is being affected by many people having to work from home. The country’s infrastructure is underdeveloped and so it presents a number of challenges. The level of economic decline, especially in Nairobi which is the commercial hub of Kenya, is worrying.


Q: Has the government enlisted the assistance of the private security sector?
Not yet and it is not clear if this will change.


Q: What’s on your radar screen, do you have any particular fears or concerns?
The duration of the lockdown, the longer it is imposed the more the economy will be damaged. I’m also concerned about a potential breakdown in civil society in general, the poorest can not live hand to mouth and employees are struggling to keep business alive.



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