Pyramid Temi Group are one of the FT1000 companies listed at 294 with a growth of 422%. To gain entry, the FT measured specific criteria relating to innovation, independence and primary organic revenue growth.

The innovative approach taken by Pyramid Temi Group is a simple back to basics of personalized service, face to face, one to one communication, always having direct communication access to our senior management team. We still take lunch, sometimes with our customers and occasionally look at the wine menu too.

Fast growing and organic can comes across as a bit of a paradigm when running and growing a business. Being fast growing, while maintaining independence and innovation is a challenge all organic revenue companies face.

The secret to Pyramid Temi Group growth success is an ‘accelerated organics’ approach. As customer demand and customer base accelerates, a global network of established, pre-qualified and quality assured delivery providers kick in at strategic hub locations. Direct communication, quality assurance and customer relations are always maintained within a core leadership, admin and management base in Italy, where the foot can be pressed or eased off the accelerator as required. The company is always moving forward an an organic speed of acceleration.

Organic acceleration also translates into a win-win for the company and customer as the typical running costs of an international company with vast offices and payrolls is not there to be passed on to the customer> At the same time internal company decisions, communications, empowerment, delegation of authority, flexing and being always attentive to customers needs – equates to net revenue profit rather than gross revenue turnover.

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