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Our Management is made up of highly qualified Security professionals with international experience. Management is supported by consultants and an Advisory Board composed of three eminent security professionals. Their individual support over the years has played an active role in our success. Their combined skills and experience will play a fundamental role in consolidating our international position.


Roger Warwick, CPP


With over 45 years’ experience in the Security industry, Roger is a leading international security expert. He is the founder and CEO of PTG and President of Temi Group International Verein. He is also the Expert who has represented the Italian standardization body, (UNI) at the international Technical Committee for the development of the  ISO 31030 Standard – “Travel Risk Management – Guidance for Organizations”. He has also been the Project Leader for the development of UNI/PdR 124:2022 “Professional profiles operating in the field of Travel Security”. At present, Roger is representing UNI at the international Technical Committee for the development of the ISO 31031 Standard “Managing Risk for Youth and School Trips”.

Daniela Valenti

 Global Project Manager and Coordinator

Daniela has been a member of Pyramid management for 30 years. She has gained considerable experience in the management of Due Diligence and Corporate Intelligence services. For 15 years she has been Global Project Manager coordinating worldwide Travel Risk Management services. She has also been a member of the ASIS International Core Team for the development of ISO 31030 Standard, “Travel Risk Management – Guidance for Organizations”, and a member of the panel of experts for the development of UNI/PdR 124:2022 “Professional profiles operating in the field of Travel Security”.

Andy Williams, CPP, Msyl

Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment Executive

Andy has worked in the security industry for over 30 years specialising in hotel, travel and corporate security risk management. Over the years, Andy has worked on projects with the UK Government National Counter Terrorism Office, The EU Council and United Nations Intelligence Crime and Justice Research Unit. He is also an Expert Witness in civil law cases relating to hotels, travel, and terrorism. On the vocational front Andy is currently a Board Director and Chairman elect of ASIS Europe, a Member of the UK Security Institute, and a former Member of the European Institute of Corporate Security Management.


Lynn de Vries, CPP, PCI

DutchRisk BV – Director

With nearly 20 years’ experience in Security, Lynn is specialised in dedicated security solutions for large corporate clients. She has spent most of her career working in Africa for important companies; at present, she is Director at DutchRisk BV in The Netherlands, where she also lectures CPP and Security Management courses.

Damiano Toselli

Damiano Toselli

Senior Security Consultant

Over 35 years’ experience in the Security industry, Damiano has held important positions such as Company Commander with the “Carabinieri” in Lebanon, Head of Security for the President of the Italian Republic, and Head of Corporate Security at Telecom Italia.


Fabio Muzzi

IT Security Manager

Over 25 years of experience using Linux systems and system integration. Fabio has been the IT Security Manager for PTG for over 20 years. He provides PTG and our clients bespoke IT security and system management.  Over the years he has co-ordinated a number of major IT forensic investigations in Italy and other countries.

Antonio de Capoa

Legal Counsel

Specialised in commercial law, international trade law and European Union law,  Antonio de Capoa, Founder and Senior Partner of the eponimous Law Firm, and Legal Counsel of PTG for over 20 years, provides assistance and advice to Italian companies operating in strategic geopolitical areas for the world economy,  characterized by risk factors and instability.