Pyramid Temi Group and FocusPoint have unified their Crisis Response Capabilities in order to offer Italian companies access to a full range of travel security services

Bologna, 12/04/2021

Travel Risk Management company PTG and Global Assistance Company FocusPoint have formed a partnership that sees the two companies combine their strengths to provide a wide range of security services to the Italian market.

By combining their expertise and experience, the two industry leaders are able to deliver a unique service to Italian companies operating internationally.

Founded in 1970 and listed by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s fastest growing companies, Pyramid Temi Group is Italy’s leading company in the provision of global security and Travel Risk Management services to the private sector.

With over 30 years of experience, FocusPoint International is a global assistance company that delivers an integrated suite of health, security and incident response services through information, technology and people.

Pyramid Temi Group CEO Roger Warwick said: “With our clients having to face ever greater uncertainty in a world that is changing dramatically, we are very enthusiastic about harnessing the benefits that come from the convergence of our respective expertise and experiences.

Italy is an exporter of goods and services to practically every country in the world and in order to guarantee full support to our clients’ international activities we have to focus on being one step ahead. By partnering with FocusPoint we can complete our service offer and represent a unique solution to client requirements.

Greg Pearson, CEO of FocusPoint, said: “As a leading company in the provision of medical and security response services we’re excited about building a strong relationship with the Pyramid Temi Group and believe that our joint capabilities will allow us to expand throughout the Mediterranean area.

Pyramid Temi Group’s knowledge of this market will be at the centre of our business development strategy for southern Europe and we look forward to offering and delivering a series of best of class services to clients in the area.”

Warwick further stated that: “From the minute that we started speaking with FocusPoint we realised that we shared exactly the same approach and enthusiasm to delivering security services to companies operating internationally. Our people clicked immediately and the team’s looking forward to further strengthening the existing relationship through a series of client focused initiatives that will allow us to provide innovative solutions to an ever expanding market.”

FocusPoint’s Pearson added that: “Our companies share a series of values that determine our approach to supplying products and solutions, our focus has always been on understanding client requirements and tailoring solutions to these precise needs. With Pyramid we look forward not only to entering a new geographical market but also to developing a series of new proposals and solutions.”