PTG (Pyramid Temi Group) and mybreev ( have partnered to provide Italian companies access to an extensive range of online travel security courses

Italian Travel Risk Management company PTG and leading German online training provider mybreev have formed a partnership in order to supply travel security courses to the Italian market.

By combining their expertise and experience, the two industry leaders are able to provide a range of unique online training solutions to Italian companies operating internationally.

Founded in 1978 and listed by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s fastest growing companies, PTG is Italy’s leading company in the provision of global security and Travel Risk Management services to the private sector.

Founded in 2009, mybreev is one of the leading European providers for e-Learning in the areas of Security, Safety, Cyber Security, Business Continuity Management and Compliance. With currently 70+ online training modules, mybreev offers a real “One Stop Shopping Digital Training Solution” to large corporations, SME´s and NGO´s.

PTG CEO Roger Warwick said: “With business travel about to start again, we are especially pleased to be able to offer highly qualified online training solutions to those companies operating internationally.

“Organisations will have to deal with a changed situation in many countries, in addition to health considerations, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to higher levels of criminality and instability and thus travel security training is of ever greater importance.”

Sven Leidel, Managing Partner of, said: “As a leading company in the provision of online security & safety training we’re excited about building a strong relationship with PTG and believe that by combining our capabilities we will be able to expand our presence throughout Italy and the Mediterranean area.

Warwick further stated that: “There is an ever-greater attention to Duty of Care and a fundamental part of this is being able to prepare travellers for the challenges that international travel can pose. By embracing online training we will be able to assist a greater number of organisations achieve compliance with the ethical, moral and legal considerations that have to be respected and adhered to.”

mybreev’s Sven Leidel added that: “With PTG we look forward not only to entering a new geographical market but also to developing a series of new proposals and solutions. Our partnership will provide immediate solutions to Italian companies operating internationally and over time we will jointly develop new courses.”

“Organisations are facing a world that is changing dramatically and so we are very enthusiastic about harnessing the benefits that come from the convergence of our respective expertise and experiences.


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