While the global reality is dynamic, our focus on Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management never changes; however, as situations worldwide become more complicated, our protocols and procedures require constant attention and new measures introduced.

Whatever developments emerge during the coming year, our focus has to remain on correctly monitoring emerging situations and adapting to them in the most appropriate manner.

In this booklet we will highlight and address a selection of challenges to our Travel Risk Management capabilities. The focus is not on where and when any particular threat may arise, but on what organisations will need to take into consideration in order to successfully mitigate the challenges and, should it be necessary, manage incidents related to the threats considered in this booklet.

The booklet does not set out to be a comprehensive analysis of threats to business travel or the considerations necessary to successfully anticipating, mitigating and managing the multitude of risks that business travellers may encounter.

The challenges addressed in the booklet are not listed in any specific order of likelihood or impact on an organisation’s interests and are outlined with the intention of raising attention to the actions that an organisation should consider.

The booklet will be followed-up by a series of in-depth analyses of the single challenges raised in the publication.

With a specific focus on the activities of Italian organisations, we have identified a selection of critical issues that stakeholders need to be aware of, potential threats that those responsible for Travel Risk Management may have to deal with and therefore need to plan for.

While there is no doubt that the year ahead will be characterised by the ongoing complications of the global Covid pandemic, a situation that has accentuated existing risks and introduced new challenges that organisations will have to identify and define robust strategies to mitigate against, in this booklet we will focus more on the indirect consequences of the pandemic as it would be unwise to offer specific advice in regards to a situation that continues to change on an almost daily basis.

The publication of UNI ISO31030 represents a major turning-point in Travel Risk Management and in this booklet we will make reference to the standard in the context of the individual risks that we have chosen to highlight.

Preparation is the key issue in any risk scenario and represents the baseline that allows organisations to pursue opportunities. We hope that you find this booklet useful in identifying those risks that your organisation will need to prepare for.

— Roger Warwick (Founder and CEO of the Pyramid Temi Group)


Click here to read and download the ebook:  https://pyramidtemigroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Ebook-Eng.-Version-Travel-Risk.pdf

Ebook developed by Pyramid Temi Group, in partnership with Travel for business.