UNI PDR 124:2022 “Professional profiles operating in the field of travel security” has been endorsed in Italy and is open for acknowledgement by all ISO member states. PTG’s Roger Warwick, Project Leader, and Daniela Valenti in the panel of experts.

UNI (the Italian standardization body) has published, together with the support of Confindustria Emilia (the Industrialists Association), analytical profiles of Travel Security Officers, Managers and Analysts. This is a world first for an official national organization to develop and underwrite these roles.

UNI PDR 124:2022 “Professional profiles operating in the field of travel security” has been endorsed in Italy and is open for acknowledgement by all ISO member states. The document establishes the requirements of knowledge, skills, levels of autonomy and responsibility defined according to the criteria of the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).

These requirements are addressed to both employees and external consultants, service providers and people in charge of managing Travel Security, with the aim of fulfilling the obligations of Duty of Care, i.e. legal and/or moral responsibility, for companies, to protect travellers from dangers and threats.

The need for these requirements has been intensified following the publication of the international standard ISO 31030 “Travel Risk Management – Guidance for Organizations” which makes reference to the need for competence of the professional profiles entrusted with specific roles or the general coordination of the entire process.

According to Roger Warwick, Project Leader of the UNI PdR, and UNI representative at ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Technical Commitee, “This UNI document, together with the new ISO 31030 standard, finally represents the completion of a path for companies to be compliant with the legal obligations of Duty of Care. Confindustria Emilia and UNI gave me the opportunity to lead this project, which sees Italy as the first country in the world to have developed the requirements for Travel Security professionals. With this document, companies will be able to identify qualified personnel, consultants and suppliers, and select those who possess recognised requirements”.

The implementation of ISO 31030″ Travel Risk Management – Guidance for Organizations “represents a fundamental step in defining the correct measures for managing travel risks, a very important issue especially in this Covid era ”, says Tiziana Ferrari, General Manager of Confindustria Emilia. “We have therefore promoted and developed this PdR, which defines skills, knowledge, activities and responsibilities for each of the identified figures. With this, we provide companies with additional resources and effective tools for managing travel risks”, Tiziana Ferrari concludes.

The UNI / PdR 124: 2022 was developed, both in Italian and in English, by the following experts under the supervision of UNI:

Roger Warwick – Project Leader (Pyramid Temi Group)

Andrea Giacominelli (CONFINDUSTRIA EMILIA Area Centro)

Gennaro Bacile di Castiglione (Studio QSA snc)

Michele Pontrelli (Technogym S.p.A.)

Aldo Pigoli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)

Giuseppe Bianchini (Leonardo S.p.A.)

Daniela Valenti (Pyramid Temi Group)

Enrica Bonzani (Fondazione Aldini Valeriani)

It has been  ratified by the President of UNI and was published on 27 January 2022.

It can be downloaded free of charge at the following link: http://store.uni.com/catalogo/uni-pdr-124-2022?___store=en&___from_store=it

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