As part of our continuing attention to social issues and pro bono support to voluntary organisations, Pyramid Temi Group (PTG) had the pleasure of delivering a digital workshop to the Polish, Romanian and Moldavian chapters of Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Founded in 1915 and with members from over 100 countries, the JCI is the world’s largest organisation of young professionals and business people focused on offering community services. JCI volunteers are currently organising support services to those fleeing the conflict in the Ukraine and organising the collection and delivery of emergency aid.

On Wednesday 9th March, our Senior Security Consultant and training specialist Mark William Lowe delivered a practical workshop on emergency evacuation procedures to a large group of JCI members.

The workshop was specifically prepared for an audience of non security specialists and focused on putting those concerned as to a potential expansion of the conflict in the conditions to organise themselves well in advance.

Great emphasis was placed on preparation, teamwork, the development of procedures, psychological issues, situational awareness and the importance of identifying and understanding the red flags and red lines that would trigger specific elements of the evacuation plan.

The workshop was followed by a long and detailed question and answer session during which a number of important key concerns were raised and discussed in detail.

Roger Warwick, PTG’s Founder and CEO, commented that: “First and foremost I have to say that I’m very impressed by how the JCI are supporting those in need, they’re doing some very necessary work by delivering different forms of assistance very efficiently.

“Our first concern was that of understanding JCI’s precise requirements, what do these young people need to know, what concerns do they have and how can we help them. Fortunately JCI’s management structure were able to advice is as to their members’ key concerns and that allowed us to identify the subject areas that we needed to address”.

“It was quite obvious that we’d have to adapt our normal training format to that required by a completely new audience so we analysed how we could deliver our advice in a very direct and detailed fashion but in full respect of the concept of ‘preparing, not scaring’ and I have to say that it was a challenge but the results were very positive.”

Pyramid Temi Group will continue to support organisations involved in voluntary work, please contact us if you would like to know how we can assist you.