Pyramid Temi Group are delighted to announce that they have achieved International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) Certification status.

A founding member of ICoCA, Pyramid Temi Group are now the only company in Italy to have achieved certification status.

Pyramid Temi Group’s CEO Roger Warwick said that: “ICoCA certification provides the assurance that all of our procedures and practices comply with the ICoCA code. This is of particular importance in terms of our focus on quality and ethical practices as well as representing a guarantee to clients in their due diligence on security providers.

The ICoCA International Code of Conduct requires companies to adhere to the highest professional standards including a full respect and understanding of human rights and international humanitarian law.

Certified companies are regularly monitored in regards to the adherence to the highest standards and their continual improvement through guidance and training on the Code.

According to Warwick: “We’re very happy to observe that the number of clients requiring ICoCA Certification in their tender specifications continues to grow. This is very good news as it indicates that C-Suite and Security Managers are ever more focused on engaging the services of professional security providers.

Based in Geneva, ICoCA works with member companies to build their capacity to guarantee respect for international human rights and humanitarian law as well as providing thought-leadership on responsible security.

We have always placed great importance on responsible security, the respect of international and national laws, as well as the respect of human rights. This has always been part of our DNA and we only work with partners that share our commitment to the provision of ethical professional services.

Pyramid Temi Group’s CEO added that :“Today no responsible organisation can ignore their duty to assure full compliance with ethical and professional standards, this applies to their own activities as much as it applies to those of their suppliers and it is exactly here that the ICoCA Code of Conduct comes into play. It’s not enough for a company executive to say that their provider stated that they adhered to best practices, it is essential that this can be demonstrated and ICoCA certification does exactly this.”

Pyramid Temi Group were also instrumental to the development of the recently published ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management guidelines. The international standard makes specific reference to Compliance and the importance of conducting full and proper due diligence on security service providers.

On the convergence of ICoCA and ISO31030, Warwick noted that: “Organisations are now in a far better place when it comes to compliance, ISO31030 represents a series of robust guidelines for building travel risk management capacities while ICoCA certification greatly assists organisations choose a reliable provider.